Atma Yoga

In heart of the Brisbane CBD

Atma Yoga empowers you to live longer and stronger, with peace of mind and heart-felt happiness.

45-minute classes: because when it comes to Yoga, frequency is better than length. Practice three or more times a week.


Live Longer

How would you like to dramatically improve your health and lengthen your lifespan?

Atma Yoga increases your health and well-being, reduces stress, and increases happiness.


Live Stronger

How would like to be stronger and more energetic?

Atma Yoga increases your strength, power, flexibility, and energy levels throughout the day.


Live Longer and Stronger

With greater peace of mind and heart-felt happiness.

Peace of Mind

As the mind stills, space is created.


With stillness comes clarity.


In empty space there is nothing to hold on to.

Physical Fitness

Counteract the effect of sitting down.

Enhanced Energy

Revitalize your body.

Greater Purpose

Discover your purpose within, and bring it out into your life and the world.