Introduction Offer. Here's where you start. This is a one time only offer for new customers. It is your opportunity to experience the difference Yoga makes in your life. $25
Double Down Offer. After the Introduction Offer, if you have attended 5 classes during the two week offer, you get the opportunity for another two weeks. $25
Inspiration Membership. Inspiring your Practice. This membership has a six month contract. Mat storage in the studio. No suspension. One remedial massaage and one vegetarian lunch valued at $15.00 for joining. $29/week
Annual Pass Unlimited. Unlimited Classes, Personalised practice consultation. Mat storage in the studio. 3 Remedial Massages per year and three vegetarian lunches valued at $15.00 each. $1500
10 Class Pass 3 months $100
20 Class Pass 3 months $200
50 Class Pass 6 months $500
Casual Class $15